This inventory provides a fair and accurate detailed record of the contents of the property and their condition plus the internal condition of the property. The person who compiled the inventory is not an expert in fabrics, woods, materials, antiques, arts, colours etc. nor are they a qualified surveyor. The inventory should not be used as an accurate description of each and every piece of furniture and equipment, nor as a structural survey report. Property left in lofts, cellars, garages, sheds and locked cupboards or rooms, which have not been inventoried, are the sole responsibility of the Landlord.


Safety Disclaimer This inventory relates only to the furniture, furnishings and all of the Landlords equipment and contents in the property. It is no guarantee of, or report on, the working condition of, or safety of, any such equipment or contents, merely a record that such items exist in the property at the time of the inventory and the condition perceived of it. No guarantees are given in respect of them and there may be a clause in the agreement in which the Landlord will not repair or replace such items. The heating system, gas or electrical appliances and any other fixtures and fittings in the property have not been tested by the Inventory Clerk.


Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 – As amended 1994 If requested by the Landlord or Agent and where it is possible to identify that furniture and furnishings comply with the above regulations, it will be recorded on the inventory. If not recorded on the inventory, identification was not visible or present.

Descriptions: Colours are purely for description, identification and comparison purposes only. They should not be used or relied on for the basis of redecoration or touch up of paintwork. The terms – silver, chrome, brass, gold, oak etc relate to the description of the colour and appearance of the item and not to the composition of the material. Unless otherwise stated all light switches, sockets and light fittings are white plastic.


Rooms and Areas: Any room that is excluded from the tenancy will not be listed on the inventory. Loft spaces and cellars will not be listed unless they are habitable, safe to access and included in the tenancy. The Inventory Clerk will not have the use of ladders or be able to climb to check the condition of any items out of their eye level.

Terms & Conditions


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